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Best Hangover Cures

A lot of people are going to be pretending to be Irish this weekend to feel like they can drink copious amount of green beer during the day with little to no guilt.  And then there really are those with Irish heritage who will, also, drink copious amounts of green beer.  Along with a long day of drankin' comes the Sunday morning hangover.  It's time to get the old tried and true hangover cures out.  This isn't my first rodeo, so I will share some of my faves.

1.  Sleep.  Sleep it off.  Stay in bed all day Sunday if you can.  But, I guess that's not practical for everyone, especially those with children.

2.  Sprite.  I don't know why this works, but Sprite.  Maybe the heavy corn syrup.  I really don't know, but it does a decent job.  Real Sprite, not Sprite Zero.  

3.  Smart Water.  It's always good to have a bottle of Smart Water waiting for you by your bed.  Proper preparation is important when it comes to day drinking! 

4.  Alka Seltzer.  So weird.  I've heard about Alka Seltzer for years, but never took it.  Ever.  I bought it once and drank it when I was hungover.  It's amazing!!!!  It's disgusting, but works wonders because it not only settles your stomach, it, also, rids you of a nasty headache.  

5.  Gatorade. . . before you go drinking.  Big Mike passed this one along to me . He says he hydrates as much as he can BEFORE he goes out drinking!  

6.  Food.  Before and after drinking.  NEVER drink on a full stomach.  Ever.  You will pay for it later.  The alcohol hits your blood stream so quickly and so wonderfully, but then it's all downhill from there.  The best thing you can do after a night of drinking is eat a little something something.  

7.  Pickle Juice.  My best friend swears by this.  I've heard it can work.  My issue is that when you're feeling queasy, putting something like pickle juice in your system sounds vomit inducing.  I've heard the salt in pickle juice can get you feeling like a new person.

8.  Chicken broth.  This is another tip from my bestie.  I think it's the same premise as the pickle juice, the salt in the broth coupled with the blandness can settle your stomach and get your electrolytes back to normal.

I'm not a doctor, so I don't co-sign for everything, but i've tried a lot of cures.  Good luck!  May the luck o' the Irish be on your side.  

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