Uber Driver Livestreams Passengers Without Consent

A St. Louis Uber driver doesn't feel he is doing anything wrong by livestreaming his passengers on Amazon owned channel Twitch.  Jason Gargac's Black Chevrolet is illuminated with a purple neon light.  As he picks up passengers, he has his phone livestreaming the action in the back seat from the front console.  Most passengers have no idea they are being livestreamed.  He's had local news reporters, a rock guitarist, and many, many intoxicated patrons on camera.  

If you were being taped for a livestream without knowing you were, how would you feel?  According to the law, Jason is doing nothing wrong.  In Missouri, only one person has to consent to recording and that would be him.  

The bad part about the livestream - which can be found in the "In Real Life" section of Twitch, is that subscribers comment.  

What a weird world we live in now where our everyday lives can be broadcast so easily to millions of people without us even knowing.  Is this making the world a better place?  Or is this opening us up to more judgement?  

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