Vitaminwater Looking For Someone To Give Up Phone

VitaminWater is willing to pay someone $100,000 if they can give up their SmartPhone for an entire year!!!  Yes, $100,000 sounds like a lot of money, but think of just HOW addicted to your phone you are!  

How do you get in on this?  They want you to tell them on Instagram or Twitter WHY you need a break from your phone.  If chosen, they would outfit you with a 90s cellphone, one that ONLY makes calls.  Remember when that was cool enough?  Now, the most uncool thing in the world is a phone that ONLY makes calls!!!  

Click here to enter.  

VitaminWater does say that lie detector tests will be administered to see if contestants are able to stick it out.  

If you are chosen for this challenge and you make it to six months, you will receive $10,000.  

Think long and hard about this. . . could you really do this?

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