ICYMI: Halsey Paints a Mural While Singing on SNL

We already knew Halsey was cool. We knew she was talented. What she did on SNL on Saturday night was next level!!! She hosted and was the musical guest. None of the skits she was involved in sailed to epic heights, but she did a good job. However, where things did get epic were with her two performances. She performed "Without Me" acoustically, just she and a piano. Behind her was a huge mural that had repeatedly large letters with the words, "Ashley, I cheated!" In smaller letters all over the background were "at home in Los Angeles," "In New Orleans," "In Minneapolis," "in places I can't even remember," and a couple of other places where we have to believe her ex G-Eazy cheated on her. Crazy!

But the really amazing performance was "Eastside." She sang Khalid's parts, too. She did this all while PAINTING A MURAL OF A WOMAN!! Like, as she sang on LIVE TV, she painted a full mural!!!! Total amazing insanity. She rules the world!