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New Study Say You're Better Off Single

Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you're single!!!! A new study says you're actually better off being single. . . for a lot of reasons! Here are some of the reasons:

-You're self sufficient! I mean when no one is there to help you, no one is there to help you. You learn to adapt to doing things yourself.

-You're better at keeping friend. Yep, it's all we have. . .besides our cats.

-You're healthier - Statistics finds that single people have more time to work out than married people with all of their familial obligations.

-You're better with money! Married people have more credit card debt. It's probably because along with being married comes having children and I hear they are super expensive!

-Being alone can be less stressful. Duh! Who do you have to fight with besides Ben & Jerry!!!

I joke a lot about being single, but it's not so bad. It's living life on your own terms and cultivating your own interests. I'm not downing relationships either. It's great if you can find yourself in a confident, stable position and share your life and all its wonderful ebbs and flows with another person. It's beautiful, it's why, I believe, we are put on this Earth. We are here to love each other.

Happy Singles Awareness Day! Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Lovers!

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