Peeps Creamer

My blog is like an episode of Seinfeld, a blog about not much. Happy Monday! I just wanted to share with you what brightened my day and made me feel better about my Saturday late night shopping spree. Backing up, Saturday was such a beautiful day. I was so lazy! I didn't leave my apartment. Finally, at like 8pm, I was like, "Girl, you need to get out and enjoy the mild temperatures." I went to Target. I wanted a six pack of Diet 7-Up. I ended up with mounds of Easter Candy, a new robe, new PJs, a few cards, an Easter basket, and PEEPS coffee creamer!!! $240 later, I think my favorite puchase was the International Delight Peeps Creamer. I put it in my coffee this morning and wow! It's brightened this Monday!!!