Shrill on Hulu

There's gotta be a term for them. . . when you come to the end of a series you really like and you fear never finding another series that you will like as much. The thing about it, there is always something great out there. After years of stupid game shows and scripted reality shows, old school television is back. . .on Neflix. . . on Hulu. . . on Amazon Prime. . . HBOGO.... Showtime, etc. . .

After finishing up with Selling Sunset and watching the Motley Crue movie, The Dirt, on Netflix, I searched for a new show and I found it!!! I started watching Aidy Bryant from SNL in Shrill. She's lovely and funny and awkward and it's wonderful! I'm only two or three episodes in and I am happy to hear that Hulu has picked it up for another season!!!

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