Selena Makeover Gone Wrong

Did you have a great Cinco De Mayo weekend? I'm a huge fan of anything that includes a celebration where consumption of tacos and margaritas is required. And as i've mentioned on this blog before, i'm a fan of Selena (the OG Selena Quintanilla). Any excuse to celebrate Latin Heritage always includes Selena for me. So. I did not go consume tacos and margaritas yesterday, instead, I wasted hours on my phone looking at mind numbing videos and posts. I came across a Selena makeup tutorial by Adrienne Bailon, one of the Cheetah Girls and hosts of the Real. She is a huge Selena fan, too. Oh, and she's Latina. I am not. In any case, I tried very hard to follow the tutorial. It didn't work out very well.

Here is the tutorial.

My finished product looked a heckuva lot different than Adrienne's finished product. Any make up artists out there that can help me?

If you want full documentation of this failed makeover, please check out my new website, (available on Facebook and Instagram, too)

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