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Happy Wine Day

Well, isn't this great! The Saturday of a long weekend and it happens to be National Wine Day! We should all celebrate! Someone has revealed personality traits of red wine drinkers vs. white wine drinkers. Which do you prefer? I used to be white only, but in recent years, I enjoy a red wine. I'm still feeling my way around the vine, so to speak. Sometimes I prefer a Malbec or some red blend. Lately, i've been drinking more Pinot Noir. I used to drink Riesling and Chardonnay before red came into my life. I would even go as sweet as Moscato. So, as you can see, i'm all over the place. Ok. Fine. ALL WINE IS FINE!!! I love it all! And this actually explains why I share characteristics of both Red and White wine drinkers.

The experts say that red wine drinkers are:

Early birds

Organized, humble and adventurous

More likely to identify as a "wine aficionado"

Like Jazz music

Prefer dogs to cats


Willing to spend more on a bottle of wine ($40)

White wine drinkers tend to:

Identify as curious, sarcastic and perfectionists


Prefer cats to dogs

Like Punk Music

Night Owls

Spend less on a bottle ($37)

Yep, i'm definitely both. What's your favorite wine? I guess I should go home now and finish off those boxes of wine on my counter! Happy Wine Day!

Maybe this is a good excuse to watch "Wine Country" on Netflix!!!

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