IHOP Reveals New Name Change. . . Again

So the International House of Pancakes caused quite a stir last year when they announced they were changing their name from IHOP to IHOB. They were going from International House of Pancakes to International House of Burgers. That publicity stunt idea didn't go over so well with consumers, so they switched back to IHOP. However, the attention the burgers got from the change was positive. It turns out, IHOP knows how to make a good burger. Fast forward 12 months and IHOP announced last week, they were changing again!!! And here is the change. . .

At the end of the day. . . i've never tried a burger from IHOP and i'm not so sure I ever would. When you're at the International House of Pancakes, to enjoy a meat "pancake" would take a lot of convincing!!

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