McDonald's Will Accept Foreign Currency On Thursday

Clever. I give McDonald's an A for creativity. McDonald's is international and they want to bring some of the international flavors to the States. To promote the new Worldwide Favorites menu, from 2pm until 5pm on Thursday, they will accept any foreign currency for a free International menu item.

I'm so excited about this Stroopwaffle McFlurry. It's their delicious vanilla ice cream with a carmel swirl and Dutch waffle cookies.

There is, also, Cheesy Bacon Fries from the Australian menu. I mean that sounds insane, but McDonald's has one fry that needs no assistance.

They, also, will be selling a Tomato Mozarella Chicken Sandwich and Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger that has a McBacon Sauce (curious about that), lots of bacon and Gouda cheese.

So, if you want to try these four items for free on Thursday from 2pm to 5pm bring any foreign currency you have to McDonald's and dig in!!!

And let me know how it tastes!

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