St. Louis Pizza Review

Ok, so in Des Moines, this may have zero interest to you. However, whenever someone brings St. Louis up, the weird pizza gets brought up. People that are born and raised in St. Louis live and breathe for their odd pizza. I lived there for 15 years and could never get down with the pizza. It was a battle I fought so many times with natives. To be considered St. Louis Style Pizza, it must contain a super thin crust (think Saltine cracker) with a weird processed cheese called Provel. The cheese is nothing like mozarella outside of the white color. It sticks to the roof of our mouth, but not with a pleasant taste. It's just so strange. So. . . Barstool does a one bite pizza review. St. Louisans and those, like me, who fought in the pizza war, begged Barstool to do a review of the most popular St. Louis style chain, Imo's. They did. Here is the review.

I posted this because if you have been to St. Louis, you no doubt, have heard about this weird pizza and you must have an opinion. For the record, i'm a native Chicagoan. I never pitted Chicago pizza vs. St. Louis pizza. It's no contest. There were some unnecessarily arrogant St. Louisans that dared to say "Chicago pizza is not pizza, it's a casserole." Roll My eyes at YOU.