Dating App Opening A Bar

The dating app Bumble is opening a space in New York City for people to meet in "gasp" real life!!! Bumble is opening up a coffee house by day turned bar by night. The cafe will only serve "date friendly" food. Honestly, I would hope the coffee is terrible because I couldn't wander in their single if I wasn't looking. I would be so self conscious that people were judging me as a potential mate. Or maybe that's how we go through life anyway and it's easy to ignore when you're not at a singles spot. It's going to be called Bumble Brew.

Bumble is not new to this. They did a pop up in the SoHo neighborhood and there were lines out the door. In that instance, it was geared toward women with seminars on technology, health and relationships. If you aren't familiar, Bumble is an app where women have to contact men they are interested in. The men cannot do the communicating.