Uber Eats Cravings Report

Last year, Post Malone spent over $40,000 having stuff delivered to him via Postmates. Do you use any or all of the delivery services available - Postmates, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash? It's made life very convenient and a little more expensive. So many of us lead very busy lives and want to be a foodie in our cities, but don't have the time to explore on our own. I live a very single, individual life and though I don't mind dining alone, I don't want to do it every day. A food delivery service allows me to try food at restaurants I may not venture to on my own.

Uber Eats released their first ever Cravings Report. The report details all the crazy requests they receive. My favorite that made the report was the person who was sending donuts to her boyfriend and requested that the driver sing "Africa" to him upon delivery. Other interesting requests Uber Eats received included the person who said they don't like dry food and wanted 13 sides of ranch and 6 sides of honey mustard. Another person asked for all the parts of his sandwich to arrive deconstructed.

Uber Eats can even break the requests down by day. For example, Sundays are big for "hold the tomatoes" and requests for sweet n' sour sauce spike on Tuesdays.