Donnie Wahlberg Stopped By Wahlburger's in West Des Moines

Let me set this table. I've been a New Kids on the Block fan for 30 years. Side note, growing up, I was a card carrying member of the Debbie Gibson International Fan Club (D.G.I.F.), so when the latest NKOTB tour, the Mix Tape Tour, was going to include her, I instantly knew it was going to be my favorite show of the year!

I may say that i'm a huge NKOTB fan, but my fandom pales in comparison to friends of mine from St. Louis. They see multiple shows per tour, they've been on the NKOTB cruises, etc. . . I was very excited when I found out they were coming to Des Moines for the June 9th show at Wells Fargo Arena. These girls are pros! They had their entire trip planned out to maximize the experience. They left St. Louis at 7:30am yesterday, which would get them to Wahlburger's at 12:30pm. If Donnie were going to stop by his namesake restaurant, it would have to be no later than 2:30pm because of sound check and pre-show meet and greets. Color me shocked when who strolls in Wahlburger's in West Des Moines at 2:15?? DONNIE WAHLBERG!!! There was a big announcement on the speaker, stay seated, he's going to come around and take pictures with everyone. STAY SEATED. And sure enough he did!!!

And then we left so that I could give away some ticket upgrades to our listeners outside Wells Fargo Arena! Congratulations to Pam and Shannon who were upgraded to 10th row and front row!

Amazing show! Definitely left on an adrenaline high!

Joey MacIntyre

Shout out to the Iowa Wolves cheerleaders who made it on stage with New Kids on the Block!

Above is the entire Donnie Wahlberg trip to West Des Moines!

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