Over Half of Women Have Work Spouses

Who is your work hubby? Over 50% of American say they have a work husband. 44.4% of men say they have a work spouse. I am currently work single. I had a great work spouse when I lived in St. Louis. We went to lunch together, if the boss was annoying me, I would go scream and vent in his office. I would cry. Basically, my work spouse played the same role that my cat plays.

The most common thing that work spouses talk about are colleagues, followed by work problems, projects, romantic relationships, issues at home, and sex life. Experts say work relationships are great stress relievers unless they turn into actual affairs.

Honestly, I felt like a more productive person when I had a work spouse. I would get frustrated, vent or get advice, and be able to move on with my day. Now, i'm just a lonely basketcase of emotions who works late. Just kidding. Now, I can just Vague book my problems. Hee hee.

Go get a work spouse, if you don't have one already, or go get a cat.

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