Find Out Where Ariana Grande Stands In The Taylor Vs. Scooter War

It's all out music WAR. And no one is being quiet about it. Scooter Braun purchased Taylor Swift's former label, Big Machine Records. Taylor left the label last year and wasn't able to keep the rights to her first six albums. Taylor is beyond angry. She, publicly, posted how grossed out she feels that someone she feels (Scooter) has manipulated her throughout her career. Taylor is not one to mess with . She's a major force in today's music industry.

However, Scooter isn't one to mess with either. I mean, he had $300 million to buy the label! His empire was built by representing Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

Now, we know where Kanye and Justin stand on the issue. But, what about Ari? She's always one to speak her mind. This situation is a little different, though. She may support her friend Taylor Swift, but she's on Scooter's team. There was a rumor that she did speak out in support of Taylor, but E! News is reporting that tweet was from a fake Ari account. There are reports that she, also, offered a note of congratulations to Scooter, publicly, on acquiring the label, but that post was deleted.

She isn't good at keeping quiet when she believes something, so time will tell. Unless her manager has all the control of her social media accounts.

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