Ranch Flavored Pop Tarts?

For some reason, Iowa claims Ranch. As someone who has lived in other parts of the Midwest, Ranch is just as popular in St. Louis, Chicago, and Hannibal, Missouri. I'm assuming that ranch is, also, popular in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami and New York City, too. In St. Louis, they actually have an entire restaurant devoted to Ranch called Twisted Ranch. Now, I would put that wonderous dressing on almost anything, but i'm not so sure I would eat it for breakfast. Someone, recently, suggested that Pop Tarts and Hidden Valley Ranch team up for Ranch Pop Tarts. What do you think?

It went down like this. . .

And then it seemed that Hidden Valley was into the idea. . .

Pop Tarts, however. . . was not so into the idea.

Shattered dreams. Just. Like. That.

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