Raygun Capitalizing On Tupac Headlines With New T-Shirt

I have to admit, one of my favorite headlines in local Iowa news has been very recent. I'm loving the fact that my favorite rapper of all-time, Tupac Shakur, is in the headlines, no less, Iowa state political news. The long and the short of it, the Governor asked its Deputy of the Department of Human Services to resign. The ask came right after Jerry Foxhoven had sent out an email to staff asking them to commemorate Tupac's birthday on June 16th. In the past, he had sent over 350 pages of email quoting Tupac and celebrating his life. In fact, Foxhoven would host Tupac Fridays and listen to his music. Side note, i'm all about this. I think that Tupac would be a politician today had he lived past 1996. At the very least, he would have made epic music about all that is going on in today's world.

Anyway, Jerry Foxhoven is out of a job, but he's got a sweet new tee! Raygun has just created "IOWA NEEDS TUPAC" t-shirts and Jerry Foxhoven was first in line for the shirt! And you better believe, I will be at Raygun tomorrow purchasing mine!!!

Side note. . . i'm not sure how much longer I can live in Iowa when our Governor is quoted as saying "Didn't even know who Tupac was. . . I had no idea who it even is."