Lenny Kravitz Speaks On His Great Relationship With Jason Momoa

When I was younger, I wanted to be Lisa Bonet. She was the super cool, super unique, original Denise Huxtable on the Cosby show. She wasn't afraid to assert her opinions to someone as influential in television at the time as Bill Cosby. Her outspoken assertiveness may have played a part in her losing her tv job. And then along came an artist that changed my life. Lenny Kravitz. His Let Love Rule album was all about peace, love and understanding among the human race and it was soulful. I was in love at first listen. And then, he married Denise Huxtable!!!! They had a daughter Zoe. The name Zoe was immediately put on my list of future baby names.

It was heartbreaking when Lenny and Lisa broke up in the early 90s with baby Zoe left with divorced parents. Lenny created a great album out of his heartbreak, but it was sad all around. If they couldn't make it work, could anybody?

Years later, Lisa Bonet would find her way to someone as equally cool and full of peace and love as Lenny, Jason Momoa. They began their relationship in 2005 and now have two beautiful children together.

How in the world did Lisa Bonet find herself married to the two greatest men in modern popular culture?!?!? She's a Goddess, that's what she is!

In any case, it's just remarkable how fondly Lenny and Jason speak of each other. Lenny calls him his "brother," but that it took "work" to get to the great relationships they are in. Of Lisa's and Jason's kids, he says, "I love the kids, it's beautiful, but it takes work." All were together last month in Paris for Zoe's wedding.

Lenny has a new song out today called "5 More Days Til Summer"

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