Celebrate National Tequila Day

Happy National Tequila Day! I adore tequila. It's been at the foundation of many a fun night! I'm sure we've had our issues, too. I mean, it's probably inspired countless texts I wish I never sent. But the good must outweigh the bad because I always come back for more!

I once interviewed Pitbull and asked him his favorite shot. He said, "two words. Pat. Ron." Si, Senor Pitbull!

Wonderful thing about living in America, we have both a National Margarita Day (in February) and a National Tequila Day! Weird fact, this year, neither of these "holidays" have fallen on a "Taco Tuesday."

If your favorite drinking hole isn't celebrating National Tequila Day, you can find $3 Jose Cuervo Shots at On the Border (which I just realized last night we have in Des Moines) and Twin Peaks is, also, celebrating with deals.

Even better. . . my suggestion is to try a delicious tequila based cocktail at the new Tiki Bar in East Village, Bell Hop. My favorite is (I think) the No. 5 Cocktail!!!


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