A Shocking Amount of Delivery Drivers Admit To Eating Your Food

If you've ever suspected your UberEats driver or Door Dash person has tried your fries, you're probably right! Yikes!!! A new survey finds that 20% of us suspect that our food delivery driver has tried our food. In reality, a survey of delivery drivers finds that 28% admit to having done it! What?!?! 85% of consumers are hoping that restaurants address this by offering up tamper evident labels on our takeout.

I've worked in restaurants and while eating goes on behind the scenes, I don't remember it being commonplace to eat of the customers plates!! Ok, maybe a fry would fall off the plate coming out of the kitchen and land on the sanitized surface below and somehow end up in a server's mouth, but I didn't witness straight up fry jacking from the plate!

In case you were wondering, the most popular app for food delivery is UberEats with Grub Hub in second.