Petition To Move Halloween Date Picking Up Steam

I'm not really a holiday person, but Halloween is definitely a holiday I can get behind. It can get costly with a really great costume and premium candy. But, for the most part, it doesn't involve shopping for gifts you aren't sure the recipient will appreciate. It doesn't, usually, involved awkward family functions and the cooking is fun cooking, not an all day effort like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Best of all, you can be someone else for a day.

The Halloween and Costume Association have started a petition to get the holiday moved from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. they cite safety reasons as the primary reason for the change. The problem with Halloween on October 31st is that far too often, the holiday ends up in the middle of the week and after we "Fall Back" for Fall. By the time kids are home from school and parents are home from work, it's dark and not safe for trick or treating. If the holiday were always on a Saturday, trick or treating could commence during daylight hours.

Those of us who are childless usually celebrate Halloween with skanky costumes and lots of alcohol on the last Saturday in October anyway, but hey, join our party eternally! :-)

As I write this, over 84,000 people have signed the petition. I'm not sure who one would turn a petition like this into to get it changed, but more power to 'em! If you want to change the date of Halloween, click here to sign the petition.

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