InstaPot Ramblings

I heard that cooking in an Instapot is somewhat healthy. I bought an Instapot at WalMart last night.

Here's the truth of the matter. While doing my show yesterday, I read that it was National Chicken Wing Day. I mean IS there a food greater than Chicken Wings. Well, maybe tacos. But, chicken wings, if done right, are a close second. I read that you can make chicken wings at home in an Insta Pot. I don't like frying things at home and I never purchased an air fryer, that may be the next big purchase,though. If I can make chicken wings without oil going everywhere and me ruining my clothing, then i'm all about it.

I read that Instapots were $40 off at WalMart yesterday. Ok, great excuse to get one. I sent to Wal Mart in Windsor Heights and bought one! And I bought a bag of frozen Tyson chicken wings. And some Buffalo Wild Wings and Frank's Red Hot sauces in the sauce aisle. I went home and carefully read the directions and warnings. Oh, and I bought a box of red wine, so I was sipping on that, too. I did a mock trial of the Insta pot. It seemed to work. But, wait. . . the recipe booklet it came with made absolutely no mention of CHICKEN WINGS! Well, that's not a problem, we all have the Google machine. I typed in "Insta Pot Chicken Wings." Sure enough, I had an easy recipe. It said season the wings, then. . . Basically, you put the wings in the Instapot for 15 minutes. Let the steam finish being hot naturally. Then, you broil the wings in the oven for about 5 minutes on each side. I did all that. Shook some sauce on them. They were ok. LOL I mean, I would take Hooter's or any dive bars homemade chicken wings any day over my frozen Tyson drummies, but I learned something new.

So now that I have this new appliance, what can I really do with this Insta Pot??? I'm open to suggestions!!!!

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