Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to The Streets Of New York Soon

Ice cream is the most sacred. It's the most perfect culinary creation of all time. Leave. It. Alone. This week, news broke that French's Mustard had created Mustard flavored ice cream in celebration of National Mustard Day tomorrow, August 4th. Well. . . Oscar Meyer must have had a fit of inspiration. They announced today, in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, that they have created a Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwich. Come again. Yeah. It's a "sweet cream" hot dog dijon gelato with candied hot dog bits (vomit) placed in between two cookie buns.

If you're really interested in this, find your way to New York City the week of August 12th. The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile will be handing this out in New York City the week of August 12th!

You can DM Oscar Meyer on Twitter to try them here!