Taylor Swift Fans Come For Charli XCX After Reputation Tour Comments

I will start this blog by telling you about the time I met Charli XCX. It was circa 2014. I brought listeners to her sound check party at a 300 person venue in St. Louis, Missouri. We gave away ten slots for this opportunity, I think four people total showed. The venue had a 300 person capacity. Her stage set up was pretty cool, her energy was great. Off stage, she greeted the contest winners. I don't recall her speaking with any of the listeners or being engaging. She posed for pictures and kept it moving. Standard. The show was not sold out. Mind you, at this point in her career, her big song "Boom Clap" had charted and gone. I would estimate about 150 people were at the show, give or take 20. It wasn't a bad performance. 170 people.

Fast forward to 2018. The biggest pop star on the planet invites Charli XCX to perform on the year's biggest tour, one of the biggest tours in history, Taylor Swift's Reputation STADIUM tour. 170 people on her own to the highest grossing concert in U. S. history!!!

And this is what Charli XCX had to say about this experience. . .

After more Swifties went in on her, she clarified her remarks.

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