Tori Spelling and Fox New York Anchor Have Awkward Live Exchange

BH90210 is just hours away!!!! I feel like i've waited a lifetime for this!! I grew up watching the original Beverly Hills 90210. Please don't do the math, but I was the same age as the original characters on the show. I graduated from high school and college the same years that Brandon, Kelly, David Silver, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay graduated! Our bond was strong. And I can't wait to see how the actors I loved growing up reunite and how they are handling adulthood!! I'm super sad that Dylan McKay will not be a part of this, but happy that after all her trials and tribulations, Brenda Walsh will be back!

This show was co-created by Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) and Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor). They have been saying that this new BH90210 are the actual actors and actresses playing enhanced versions of themselves. A lot of the rumors that have been fodder for years will be addressed and exaggerated in this show. I can't wait! They are doing six episodes. If we like it, and I hope we do, they will do more!

Earlier this week, Tori and Jennie sat down with the Fox affiliate in New York City for a very awkward interview. The interviewer actually asked Tori if she had enough money to pay her bills. WHO DOES THAT?!

Check this out. . .

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