Mr. Legs 2019

How has your Iowa State Fair been going? This year, I was able to host one of the contests. I had the honor of judging the Mr. Legs contest on Saturday afternoon! I had no idea what to expect. Were people going to have fun with this, were they going to be really serious, I didn't know what to expect. It was tons of fun and all kinds of people came out. There were serious athletes, people in costumes, little boys, and a man named Mr. Leg!

Congratulations are in order for Ben Hogan! He is Mr. Legs 2019 at the Iowa State Fair! Judges included Annika from iHeartRadio, Stephanie from Local 5 and Scott Smith, last year's first place winner. Contestants won ribbons for tannest legs, shortest legs (three adorable little boys), whitest legs, hairiest legs, Most freckles, and thinnest legs!

Here are the contestants!

Mr. Legs 2019 with Last Year's Winner

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