10 Reasons Why The Radio Still Rocks

Happy National Radio Day!!!

I've worked in radio for a long time from high school outside of Chicago, to college in Chicago, to stations in Chicago, in the suburbs of Chicago, in Quincy, Illinois, in St. Louis and now Des Moines! I've met some of the craziest and best people you'll ever find in your life in radio! While I don't think people are as passionate about radio as they once were, the radio still rocks. Here are 10 awesome things about the radio!!!

  1. If severe weather is in your area, we have technology that will warn you to seek shelter immediately!!! Basically, the radio can save your life.
  2. If something terrible or heart breaking happens in your community, radio will give you the latest updates and radio stations often get the community together for charity and fundraising when tragedy strikes.
  3. Radio is the number one place to get exposure to new music!!
  4. Everybody's doing it! 92% of Americans use the radio on a weekly basis!
  5. It's entertaining! I mean, really, can you imagine NOT waking up to Elvis, Danielle, Skerry, Nate, Greg T., Brody and Froggy every day?!
  6. You can win stuff!!! Just this Summer, we've given away cash, trips to Vegas, meet and greets for the Chainsmokers, Dan + Shay and Cardi B among many other things!
  7. It's ALWAYS THERE!! If we go off the air, it's very rare and a serious problem. Anytime you need us, here we are!
  8. Let's be honest, it's so much less work to have someone else plan your playlist. Radio allows you to get right to it, we're experts at creating the best playlists.
  9. We're often the first people to get info about your favorite artists coming to town. . . I mean that's news you can really use!!!
  10. Radio personalities are just as passionate about music as you! We love when you call and talk to us and talk shop, so call us up today and request a song, tell us about your day, etc... 515-282-1075.

What's your favorite thing about the radio?

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