Many Americans Are In Favor Of Second Breakfast

As someone who has to really try to eat breakfast, it's amazing to me that there is a huge percentage of Americans who would like "Second breakfast" to be a thing. I've always known that people LOVE breakfast foods - eggs & bacon, pancakes and especially cereal. I'm the person that tried to order a chicken sandwich at the diner while everyone else is eating an omelette. I just don't love breakfast or breakfast foods.

It's, also, amazing to me that people feel "breakfast shamed" for eating breakfast after 10:25am. Maybe this has something to do with McDonald's. Before they started this breakfast anytime thing, they used to shame you for ordering an Egg McMuffin at 10:31am. And they certainly wouldn't start cooking up fries before 10:29am. Weird.

Most Americans polled, recently, say they indulge in "second breakfast" at least once per week and it makes them feel more energized.

Eggs are the winner when it comes down to favorite types of breakfast foods.

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