Amazon Testing Out Technology That Allows A Hand Scan To Process Payment

It's not quite a flying car, but the technology that Amazon is testing out is quite amazing. They are in the process of testing out using a scan of your hand to process payment instead of the old fashioned way of getting your credit card out, putting it in the card reader, entering your pin number and waiting to retrieve your card. Amazon is testing technology that will assess your hands shape and size. In order to check out, you won't even need to have your hand scanned, it will be able to connect the credit card connected to your account with your hand from afar!!! Insane, huh?

Once this newfangled technology goes live, you will be able to use it at Amazon related places like Whole Foods, too! It will be able to check you out in 300 milliseconds! Absolutely incredible!!!

Rumor has it, this technology is currently being tested at vending machines in Amazon's offices in New York City.