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Long story short, over a year ago, I moved to Des Moines. I didn't know anyone, really, outside of co-workers. I used to be a social monster. I went out five nights out of the week. In Des Moines, I became a home body. . . with money!!! You save a lot of money not going out! Any sensible person would save that extra money, not me. I filled my loneliness with THINGS! Subscription boxes!!! I started with Fab, Fit, Fun because, frankly, it was everywhere in social media. I mean if Carly on General Hospital had Fab, Fit, Fun - it must be amazing. I quickly segued to Ipsy - I mean what's $10 more a month. Then, I thought Scentbird sounded cool, a new perfume every month, can't beat it. And I couldn't ignore the adds for "Singles Swag," easily the most EMBARRASSING to carry from the lobby back up to my apartment. Just me, a box labeled "Singles Swag #LoveYourself" and a jug of kitty litter.

Anyway, these boxes have been researched and the most popular subscription box is the Dollar Shave Club, followed by Ipsy and then Blue Apron. Now, I like to cook, but don't do it very often because, well, it's a process. After the grocery shopping, it's exhausting to then have to put all those ingredients together and make something and then the clean up. Forget it! So. . . what this tells me is I may be a perfect candidate for one of these meal prep kits. Hmmm.....

Personal opinion? Ipsy really is the box i'm most grateful for. It started at $10 per month. For $10, you would get a cute make up bag (they are all super cute) filled with sample size lipsticks, highlighters, eye shadow, mascara, etc... You definitely get your money's worth! It's only $10! Then. . . they upped the ante, and added five full size beauty products for $25 a month. I couldn't resist and sorry, NOT sorry!!! I never, ever spend money on beauty products. I don't know how to use them. I have everything now!!!! My make up game has stepped up and, truthfully, it's forced me to watch make up tutorials because, child, i'm not good with the make up. Marked improvements have been made.

What should you try? Depends on what you're looking for. Honestly, I started with the boxes because I was lonely and it was cool to get gifts I wouldn't get myself once a month. Should I probably start weaning my way off them now? Yeah. I should probably better spend this money going out and having human interaction. And, between all of these boxes, the products start to duplicate. I have tons of face masks, tons of body lotions, jewelry I will never wear. It has forced me to take some "me time" because if you have bubble bath, YOU MAKE BUBBLES.

I don't suggest getting in over your head with them, but if you are into make up and, like me, don't spend money on it that much, give Ipsy a try. If you need some self love, get Fab, Fit, Fun or Singles Swag.

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