Kylie Jenner Singing To Her Daughter Has Social Media Going Crazy

Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at the world and the stuff that inspires human beings. Today, said inspiration is an office tour Kylie Jenner gave to Access Hollywood. Yeah, the offices are spectacular, but what has rocked everyone's world is a two second clip of Kylie waking her daughter up to take her home for the day. Kylie sings "Rise and Shine." It's not the words she sings, but the intonation of the words. It's the melody in her words. Is Kylie Jenner the world's next big pop star? Should Ariana Grande be freaking out?! Should Kylie have replaced Lana Del Rey on that Charlie's Angels song? Should Kylie be making music instead of lip kits? No. Please don't ever stop the lip kits.

Here's the clip:

Look what people are doing with this 2 second clip?!?!