Keanu Reeves Has A New Girlfriend and Women Everywhere Approve

I have loved Keanu Reeves most of my life, it would seem. From Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to Point Break to the River's Edge, he's the man. He's easy on the eyes, extremely chill, intelligent, socially conscious and musically inclined. Pretty much my dream man. Obviously, we are not destined to be together, but after a long period where it seemed he was a bachelor, he does, in fact, have a girlfriend. I approve as do women everywhere. See, the thing is, when you see a headline about a distinguished Hollywood actor over the age of 50 having a new girlfriend, your mind automatically flashes to a red carpet of a movie premiere. Keanu is dressed to the nines with a size 0 twenty something year old beautiful brunette with flawless snow white skin and perfect white teeth by his side. In no way am I dissing beautiful 20 something year olds nor Keanu's current girlfriend. But. It is refreshing to see him with someone closer to his own age.

Keanu Reeves is dating artist Alexandra Grant. She is 9 years his junior at 46. She's beautiful, but in a natural, REAL way. She's comfortable in her own skin rocking her seemingly natural grey hair and her facial features don't appear to have been altered or even enhanced with botox. Do not get me wrong. . . if having some botox makes you feel comfortable, by all means, do it, girl! If you need to get anything sucked, tucked or enhanced, it's YOUR CHOICE! I'm just saying it's refreshing to see something different and pure. And i'm not alone in my thoughts.