Beware of Snow Globing Holiday Dating Trend

Have you ever been snow globed?? It's a terrible dating trend to look out for. Snow globing is when you're having a jolly old time around the holidays with someone you've been seeing for a bit. S/he might take you to his/her holiday work party, go ice skating with you, buy you a great gift. However. . . it could be all a ruse to not feel lonely and alone at the holidays because as soon as the Christmas tree comes down, they're gone!!! No Valentine's Day roses for you!

Cosmo explains that there are a variety of reasons why it happens. Some people are just embarrassed to be single at the holidays. One person who admits to Snow globing says he did it because around the holidays, he has some time off, but when it's back to work in January, he chooses work over love.

Just be cautious dating this time of the year. Too far too fast may be a warning sign. Good luck!