Golden Globs Recap

Honestly, the holidays were exhausting and it was so wonderful to veg out on the couch and watch the Golden Globes last night!!! Wonderful stars received great honors, some looked great, some got the "what the hell are you wearing" reaction and apparently Beyonce was late?? Here are my thoughts from last night's show!

  1. Awwww. . . Tom Hanks got emotional and what a roster of incredible movies he's made in our lifetime. He deserves every honor and then some.
  2. Beyonce and Jay-Z were late?? I missed that because I missed the first 20 minutes of the show, myself.
  3. Why did the camera flash to Beyonce for every reaction? This is more about movie stars than music. While she's done movies and music, let her enjoy a date night with Jay-Z and take the pressure off her.
  4. What the hell was J-low wearing? She looked like an unopened leftover Christmas gift! But she's still beautiful and so is her fiance!!!
  5. Brad Pitt is aging nicely.
  6. Joaquin Phoenix is aging nicely.
  7. Why does everyone have to be so political??? Just keep the politics to your personal social media and enjoy your honor - i'm talking to you PATRICIA ARQUETTE!!
  8. Speaking of. . . Patricia Arquette. You were marvelous in The Act and absolutely deserved your award, but why did you have the girls so out last night and why did you wear pink sunglasses with blue lenses to accept your honor? To each their own!
  9. Was the Irishmen shut out? That's some star power that left empty handed.
  10. Gosh, I wish Adam Drive won something.
  11. Speaking of. . . the more time that passes from when I watched "Marriage Story," the more beautiful the story seems to me.
  12. Why was Laura Dern the only actress to receive an award for "Marriage Story?" I guess the competition wasn't as tough in the supporting category than the main actor awards (thanks, Joaquin Phoenix)
  13. I did enjoy Joaquin Phoenix telling it like it is and telling his celeb friends to stop taking their private jets to Palm Springs and really help save the enivornment.
  14. Taylor Swift looked lovely.
  15. Kate McKinnon's speech honoring Ellen was terrific.
  16. Ellen's acceptance speech was on point.
  17. Carol Burnett will always be beloved.

What did you think of the Golden Globe Awards last night??