Janet Jackson Just Announced A New Album and Tour

If I were to be asked, "Who do you most want to see in concert?" My answer would be, "Janet Jackson." She has always been my hero. I was very fortunate to have been able to see her 30th Anniversary performance of Rhythm Nation at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in September. She wanted to come back to Minneapolis because that's where she recorded the album. Obviously, i'm losing my mind today with news that she's touring with Rhythm Nation!!! However, I don't see a Des Moines date, nor an Omaha, Minneapolis or Kansas City date! Looks like we'll have to hit the road to see Janet. She will be in Chicago on Monday, July 27th and in St Louis on Friday, July 21st. Tickets go on sale this Thursday at 12pm.

Head to JanetJackson.com for more.

The tour will feature music from her upcoming 12th album, Black Diamond. It will, also, feature a special performance of the classic Rhythm Nation!!!