The Broomstick Challenge Was Not Issued By NASA

We are some gullible people. I apologize for being the fun police, but we need to stop going crazy year in and year out. We just look silly. Every year, someone posts on social media that NASA says "due to the gravitational pull of the Earth, a broom will stand straight up with no assistance on this day only." Every year, people take videos of their brooms standing up by itself. The truth of the matter is:

  1. NASA didn't issue the #BroomstickChallenge
  2. The #BroomstickChallenge works every day of the year
  3. We fall victim to this every year

The #BroomStickChallenge did make for some fun social media posts! I loved Paula Abdul's post!!!

Here is what NASA is really saying about the #BroomstickChallenge

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