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Valentine's Day Candy Alcohol Pairings

Any excuse for a cocktail! You may be single on Valentine's Day, but that should never stop you from enjoying your own heart shaped box of chocolates! Chef Zoe Schor of the Split Rail Restaurant in Chicago has some ideas for some great pairings!

She says when pairing, you want to deal with complementary of contrasting flavors. You don't want something super sweet washed down with a super sweet drink.

Here are some of her ideas:

Candy Hearts & Fireball - Hmmm. . . I think i've had way too many bad Fireball nights to pair it with ANYTHING.

Sweet Tarts and Sauvignon Blanc - I'm down for this.

Swedish Fish & Rose - Ok, Ok, maybe a bit too sweet.

Dark Chocolate and Port Wine - the sweetness from the wine might make the dark chocolate more palatable

Pop Rocks & Champagne - Fun!

Smoked Sea Salt chocolate and Anejo Tequila - sounds heavenly!!!

This sounds like a fantastic GALentine's Day menu!

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