Monday Motivation: Schedule ME Time In Your Daily Planner

I'm the Queen of procrastination and excuses! "There's always tomorrow!" As Type A personalities know, the problem with putting off what you can do today until tomorrow is that things, important things, tend to linger and take up space in your mind. For many years, i've had the "I should workout every day" idea in my head. On top of that idea, I put "But. . . the timing has to be right. I have to get through a, b, and c before I can get into a workout routine." And before you know it, 2014 is now 2020. Yikes.

The struggle is SO REAL!!!! Every Monday around 12:36pm, I give a Monday Motivation Minute because I know i'm not alone in the struggle. If you ever have something to share, please do!!! My email address is

Today's tip. . .

A few years ago, I found myself completely overwhelmed with work. An extremely efficient co-worker of mine gave me some great advice. He said, "It's ok to schedule catch up time in your outlook every day." In other words, I found myself jumping from meeting to meeting and never having a chance to take care of the work that was coming from the meetings. I ended up working every night until 7pm or beyond just because I thought that I had to work at the mercy of others during the day. Life gets better when you schedule time each day for YOU to do the work YOU need to do to accomplish your job. It's ok to say no to a meeting when you have that time carved out to take care of what you need to do. And all this includes working out.

A lot of us take time on Sundays to plan what we're going to wear for the next week and plan our meals for the next week. Put your workouts in your planner and stick to them. Don't schedule other things at 5:30pm, if you have yoga in your planner. Schedule around your workouts. We can do it all, it just takes planning.

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