Many Complaints Filed About the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Halftime Show

As soon as the halftime show at this year's Superbowl was over, I checked social media. I wanted to see what the haters would have to say. I thought the appearance was incredible. Two women over 40 who used not only their God given talent, but the talent that they've worked hard at for many years. These two beautiful Latina women with long careers in many facets of the entertainment industry were still relevant, in fact, more relevant than ever.

And of course, there was hating. People complained that the entire performance wasn't all in English. People complained at the provocative camera angles. People complained about the stripper pole as part of the performance. Many came of as downright jealous. To put this delicately, not every 50 year old woman looks like Jennifer Lopez. Not many 25 year olds look like Jennifer Lopez. The envy was real.

In any case, nearly a month after the incredible performance, especially inspirational to America's proud Hispanic population, the Federal Communications Commission has received over 1,300 complaints because of the performance.

The FCC received complaints from every state except Vermont. Among the comments was one from Utah that said, "This should be a family friendly show, instead, we received an adults only show like you would see in Las Vegas." Another complained, "This is not the Playboy channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Superbowl." They added, "we had our eyes molested."

Really? Really?

Well. . . maybe we should gather some square dancers at the county fairs this Summer and create a more suitable halftime show.

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