Motivation Monday: The Power of the Reward

I'm on a wellness journey and i'm going to be upfront and honest about it. If i'm handing out motivation tips each week, my credibility owes you my honesty. It took a ton of years of finally getting off the couch and into the gym. The years I wasn't regularly working out were years that I thought about it every day and days that I felt incomplete and not living the best life that I could. I think most of us have those days and periods of time in our lives. And what i've noticed the most is that it's just easier to get into a wellness routine when work and family demands aren't off the charts. It's always bothered me that the periods of time in my life where my work was at its best, my health was at its work. What happens with that is that as i'm in a good place with my career, I can't be AT MY BEST in my career because I feel inadequate with the rest of my life. When my career starts to stall, I notice I have more time to work out. The hope is that getting into a wellness routine will finally one day stick when my career/family life/social life, etc... get where I want them. Do you feel me on this?

Anyway, that was just something random i've observed in my life. You could be the same or totally different. Back to the message at hand - motivation. Working out, especially a full body, effective work out just plain doesn't feel good. Your lungs are probably going to hurt, your muscles will be sore, you'll get frustrated that your stamina isn't where you want it, people around you will probably have better form than you, etc... There are a million things that make it hard to step in the gym. You know why I do it? I fast forward through all the pain and discomfort to how I feel afterward.

I do this very odd thing where I don't allow myself rewards like massages, facials, warm baths, etc... if i'm not working out. However, when I do workout, it's reward time, baby!!! I've gotten into a routine, which wasn't easy, where the goal is to work out five days a week. This week I achieved it. SO. . . I allowed myself a day off of working out to go shopping for a cute gym bag!!! (See picture above) AND you better believe after every workout, I immediately come home, head to the bathroom and crank the faucet all the way to hot, add some epsom salt and bubbles, grab the book i'm reading and soad for 45 minutes. As a subscriber to Ipsy, Fab Fit Fun, etc... I have a ton of face masks, so a face mask usually goes on my face, too. I worked out and now I get my reward.

So. . . if you're having trouble getting yourself to the gym this week, think past the discomfort and to the reward. You have to reward yourself. You earned it and YOU DESERVE IT!!! It doesn't have to be huge, but something like asking your oldest to watch your kids while you drive around for 30 minutes having quiet time or listening to your favorite music. Or a bath. Or a massage. Or a glass of your favorite wine while reading a favorite book. 30 minutes afterward to watch some awful TV like Love Is Blind in peace. YOU DESERVE IT!

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