Dish Is Looking For Someone To Watch 15 Hours Of The Office And Get Paid

Better not tell Billie Eilish about this or she might postpone her tour! Dish Network is looking for someone to watch 15 hours of "the Office." 15 hours is roughly 45 episodes. Many of us have probably already done this. The person chosen to do this will have to look for common things that happen in the episodes and they will be paid $1,000!!! The idea is to find out how often common trophes occur in sitcoms (like eye rolls and such). You will have nine days to complete this task. Social media posts are expected while binge watching! Best of all, you can do this all from the comfort of your own couch!!! Hmmm.... why am I telling YOU about this? I want this gig!!!! I mean, think about it. . . we did three weeks of "Love Is Blind" in a weekend, this is easy!!! I probably binge watch three hours of shows every night anyway!

You must be 18 to score this gig. You have until Monday, March 16th apply! For information on how to apply, click this link.