White Claw Debuts New Flavors

To further get us excited for warmer weather, White Claw has added new fan demanded flavors to their roster. Ready for this. . . you are now able to enjoy White Claw in Tangerine, Watermelon and Lemon. Oohhhh, Summer, get here NOW! These dound delightful. In addition to the new flavors, White Claw is debuting a White Claw Flavor Collection number 2. I mean, really, a party is much better with an assortment of White Claw flavors!!! The new Flavor Collection will feature the three new flavors plus the popular Mango. FYI - the most popular White Claw flavors are Black Cherry (duh), Mango and Ruby Grapefruit.

How many days until we can regularly day drink on a patio??