The Naked Magicians Are Back in Des Moines

Need a girls night out? Take one!!! And take it quickly!!!! The Naked Magicians return to Des Moines for their fifth appearance this weekend. They are wrapping up their current tour here in Des Moines. They love us and we love them!

The Naked Magicians are Mike Tyler and Chris Wayne. And yes, by the end of the show, they claim to wear "nothing but a top hat and a smile." They're hilarious and incredibly entertaining!! They're two men from "down Under" who have a Vegas residency, have appeared on "America's Got Talent" and have performed in front of 50 million people in their careers.

This is can't miss entertainment in the D-S-M. Grab your best girlfriend and get to the Temple Theatre. They start their run with a 7:30pm show tomorrow night (Thursday, March 12), continue with two shows on Friday (6pm and 9pm) and two shows on Saturday (5pm and 8pm). Hurry and get your tickets because they sell out!

Listen to them talk about their show and watch our Facebook Live. See how they exhibited some trickery with me! (It was super cool!!)

the Naked Magicians in Des Moines

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