Wiggin' Out for Susan G. Komen

Hello! I've been working in radio for 25 years now and most of my career has been spent at radio stations with many female listeners. I know how much breast cancer affects us. In fact, ugh, this statistic is awful - 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. In Iowa, it's worse, 1 in FIVE women will be diagnosed. Can you imagine if 20% of your female relatives have breast cancer or 20% of your girlfriends? Susan G. Komen has a big bold goal to reduce the amount of breast cancer deaths by 50% by 2026. Obviously, this takes money. I'm asking if you can help with this big bold goal!

Right now, we are living in crazy, uncertain times. Corona virus is unprecedented. I can't imagine what it feels like living with a disease like breast cancer, going through treatment with a weak immune system and having this unknown virus surface.

Let's help our sister out. Please consider donating to Susan G. Komen of Greater Iowa. Here is the link to donate, please donate to Taylor J.'s page.