Rita Wilson Raps A Hip Hop Classic By Naughty By Nature

Who the heck knew Rita Wilson could rap like Naughty By Nature?! Now that she's feeling better after her bout with Coronavirus, Tom Hanks' wife is, well, potentially, bored out of her mind. She blew our minds on Instagram as she rapped, perfectly, to the hip/hop classic "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty By Nature. Unreal to the point that Naughty By Nature now have a Rita Wilson Remix of "Hip Hop Hooray!" I think this calls for creating the #RitaWilsonChallenge Besides, Salt N' Pepa's "Shoop," what hip/hop song can you rap perfectly? Feel free to show us!

All proceeds of the Rita Wilson "Hip Hop Hooray" remix go to Covid-19 charities.