Senior Picture Challenge May Leave You Vulnerable to Hackers

I would not have made mention of this had someone else not brought it up on Twitter. Here goes. What on Earth does posting YOUR Senior picture from the 90s have to do with showing solidarity to the Class of 2020. I feel for you, Class of 2020. You deserve all the end of the line things like proms and senior ditch days and graduation parties! All. Of. It. Congratulations on finishing up a school career ONLINE. You're amazing.

In any case, there is the Senior Picture Challenge on social media where people are posting their senior pictures and using #Classof2020. Personally, I almost feel like it's rubbing it in the Class of 2020's faces - here look at my totally normal senior year. Anyway, I apologize if I offend you, if you've participated in the challenge. Experts are now saying that hackers are searching for that hashtag and finding a bunch of people's picture, name of their high school and year they graduated from high school. These are all things that can breach online security.

The other challenge to watch out for is the car challenge. I'm sure you've seen a ton of pictures of your friends' history of car owning. Same deal, hackers can lurk and now they have more information on you, the makes/models/years of all the cars you've owned.

Bottom line, continue to watch the information you put out into the world about yourself.

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