Stand By Me Challenge

If you have five minutes and a smart phone, you can brighten the spirits of a front line worker. There's a movement called 6 Ft. Closer that pairs people with front line essential workers. The idea is to send the front line workers a short video of encouragement, hope and gratitude. My favorite soul singer, Brian Owens from Ferguson, Missouri has taken the challenge and run with it. He's created the Stand By Me Challenge out of it. He and many of his talented singing friends are sending videos and singing "Stand By Me" to the front line workers with their messages of encouragement!

So Brian sent his video of his incredible rendition of "Stand By Me" to a doctor.

Now check out what the doctor sent back to him!

If you can take five minutes to brighten the spirits of a front line hero, make your own video. You don't have to sing!! You just have to be able to spread gratitude and hope! The 6 Ft Closer initiative will pair you up with a front line hero and you can brighten their spirits. Or, if you know a hero, nominate them to receive a video! Just go to

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