Mariah Carey Performs For New York

Last week, Mariah Carey's dedicated Lambily (what her fan army is called) got her 2002 album "Charmbracelet" to number one on the charts. It was #JusticeForCharmbracelet. That album has always been really special to me. I am in the Lambily and that album is so good. It was the album she did after her early 2000s "breakdown." It's very r&b and just so good! The first single was "Through The Rain" and i've really been listening to that song a lot lately because these are heavy times we are living through and that song is so comforting!

I was so excited to see that she did an at-home version of the song mashed with another inspirational Mariah Carey song "Make It Happen," for the Robin Hood Relief benefit for New York. Soooo good. If you're feeling helpless and down, I hope this can fuel your spirit.